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What is a
"Rick""Rack","Face Cord"?

Jonesy's thoughts...
According to Websters, a RICK is simply a covered pile. Therefore, an unknown weight or measurement.
Rick (rik) n. A stack of hay, straw, etc. especially one covered or thatched for protection from rain.

Courtesy Firewood Center

A rick, rack or face cord is only a part of a cord of wood. (A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet)

A rick or rack is the amount of firewood stacked by 4' by 8' by one row of the length of the stick.

A face cord is also one row of 4' by 8'. But the difference is a face cord has lengths of sticks that will eventually add up to 4' when stacked in two, three, or four rows.
Example of a face cord:
Four rows of 12" sticks=4'
Three rows of 16"=4'
Two rows of 24"=4'
Therefore, purchasing a face cord of 12" lengths is actually only ¼ cord. A face cord of 16" lengths=1/3 cord and a face cord of 24" lengths is a ½ cord.

This is very confusing and deceiving to most and using these terms in offering sales or advertising for sale is prohibited in most states.

Ricks, Racks, Face Cords are not the same quanity or volume as a cord of measurement.

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©Annie Jones. 2003