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What is a cord of Wood?

Courtesy Firewood Center

What should I look for when buying firewood?

Beware of Advertising! There are Federal and State adopted regulations in the method of sale of firewood.

Dealers should be offering wood in cords or fraction of cords. Any other terms (pick-up load, face cord, rick, rack, pile, etc.) are prohibited for the sale and advertising of wood. A cord is 128 cubic feet of wood stacked tightly. This is typically stacked 4 high by 4 wide by 8 long (4X4X8). (FYI reference: typical full size pick-up, bed level, will hold ½ cord.)

Beware of Fuzzy Math

Here are some examples:
If a dealer states that two 42 cu. ft. of stacked tiers will equal a cord of firewood (128 cu. ft.) You are about to get Burnt.

If the dealer states that the wood has been thrown in the back of a big yellow pickup truck or pickup load and that "it is almost or should be a cord of firewood" Beware, you are about to get Burnt.

If you ordered and paid for a cord (128 cu ft), it should stack to the amount sold prior to leaving the dealer's yard. Because firewood can gain or lose up to 10 percent of the measurement each time it is stacked, the first time the wood is stacked is considered the true measurement for sale.

For example, if a dealer stacks a cord of wood in the delivery yard and measures it out to a cord, this is the first stack and is the legal measurement. However, if a dealer throws loose wood in the back of the truck, delivers it to the consumer in a loose pile, and the consumer stacks the wood, this is the legal measurement. In any case, make sure you are receiving the amount of wood your purchased.

Lastly, beware of what Seasoned Firewood means. You want it be "ready to burn" upon delivery.

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Good Luck!

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